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Here’s a brief update on some (but not all) of the ongoing projects the Board is working on to improve our Pilot House Community.

· Refurbishing the garage, trash room and bathroom (painting, new lighting, new car stops) · Refurbishing the elevators (the interior cabs, the metal doors, and installing new lighting) · Power washing the walkways, walls, and building exterior to remove the accumulated green coating · Masonry work to replace and repair the deteriorating grout from the entry gate to the lobby entrance (including the steps and platform areas) · Moving towards a “No Smoking” Policy for all interior and exterior spaces of our building · Replacing/upgrading the call boxes at the entry gate and lobby entrance to remedy non-working phone numbers and faulty fob recognition · Contracting with a designer to develop a long range plan to upgrade the interior appearance of the building · Improving the use of the outdoor dock space to possibly include a pergola and new furniture · And….while this isn’t a work in progress, there’s a new sign in the 2nd floor South stairwell indicating the furniture pads, when not in use, should be folded neatly and placed UNDER the stairwell.

Even though all these projects have been referenced in the board minutes that are emailed to everyone periodically, we wanted to provide a quick summary to let you know what’s happening!

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