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Nearby Restaurants and Cafe's

Voila Cuisine

Tucked into a corner of Botetourt and & York Street, Voila Cuisine, with its soft lighting and eclectic decor, is a local gem. The restaurant sits tucked away in one of the city's oldest historic neighborhoods, complete with cobblestone streets and some of the few surviving antebellum houses on the side of the Elizabeth River. 


Cure Coffee

Cure considered several roasters when planning our coffee program.  Fortunately for us, a regional roaster happens to be one of the most respected in the country.  We exclusively serve Counter Culture Coffee from Durham, North Carolina.


Omar's Carriage House

The building is a historic site in Norfolk. The Original Carriage House was built in the early 1840’s. Its patrons then were horses. From the first floor, if you look up at the center of the room, you’ll see the large opening where hay used to be loaded into carriages. A curious old legend lingers of a ghost that lurks the Carriage House halls from days of dinners past. It is said to be the wispy ectoplasm of a pre-Civil War slave with a penchant for playful service. Menus move, the lights dim, friends hear funny things…and wine mingles the soul. Who knows, maybe there’s more to the savory vapors of good food and the sentient spirit of good friends than meets the eye!


Four Eleven York

Four Eleven York is a boutique inn and restaurant concept opening in the Historic Freemason District of Norfolk, Virginia. 

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