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Welcome to the Website

Welcome to the new Pilot House Condo Website. We hope you will find this site to be of value. The site will continue to grow in complexity and usability as we add new features. The first area which may be of interest is this bulletin board area. This area is a great way to share topics of interest with the Pilot House Community. You can add pictures, video, links to other sites and more within each post.

Once your post is published, other members can also comment on it. This will keep it interactive. Once you initially post your entry, members will be sent an email sharing it. We hope you enjoy this feature.

If you ever do choose to not receive these bulletin board posts via email, there is an opt-out feature. On the bottom of each notification email you will find "Manage Email Notifications". There you can manage what notifications you will and will not receive.

Enjoy your week!

Phil C.

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Thanks Phil! Nicely done to all who created the site!


Feb 03, 2019

Thanks, Phil, for your time & expertise in establishing the web site.

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