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Now that most, if not all of you have had a chance to visit our website, it’s time to give you some more information.

In the last several weeks, you’ve been seeing these COMMUNIQUES come from both regular email and from the website. We hope you’ve been able to view the website COMMUNIQUES as well as these emailed ones. (The messages are identical, just different delivery methods). Eventually, these COMMUNIQUES will come only from the website.

If you haven’t had a chance to visit or if you’ve run into technical problems, we’re ready to give you small group training sessions so you can experience all the benefits our Pilot House website offers.

Here’s the plan;These information/training sessions will cover access to the website, and will take you on a tour of what’s on the site and give you info about each area. Additionally, we’ll show you how to submit an issue (aka work order) using the PH website so it gets added to the queue.

We’ll start this training with the board this Tuesday evening(note that this isn’t an official board meeting in that we will be focused ONLY on the website, and won’t be discussing any PH business.

Resident training is also scheduled. Please check your calendars and choose one of these sessions that fits into your schedule. Each session will take about 1 hour. We’ll be scheduling more meetings, so if you can’t make it to one of these, you’ll have more options later.

Please utilize this link to RSVP to one of the sessions :

Please choose one:

Tuesday, May 21, 6-7 PM
Wednesday, May 22, 6-7 PM

Place is TBD

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