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Water remains ON-LINE

We were able to locate the water leak, which was readily addressed. The water in the building did not have to be taken down and will remain on. These especially cold temperatures remind us to remain vigilant of possible water leaks and the potential downstream effects, no pun intended.

Thank you for your patience.

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Dec 28, 2022

The water pressure was low Tuesday morning, but as of this morning, Wednesday, the water pressure seems to be restored. Some frigid weather tips that I learned in Vermont when outside temp is <~15°F

  1. Drip at least one interior cold water tap.

  2. Open the cabinet doors under any sink that is on an outside wall.

  3. Disconnect and drain all outside hoses.

  4. Turn off the water to outside spigots and open the faucet if there is an interior shutoff valve. If there is no interior shut off valve put a cover over exterior spigots.

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