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Various Project Updates

Garage Project – Three contractors have surveyed the garage and two of the contractors have submitted proposals, we are still waiting on the third proposal. Masonry Repairs – Bids are still being obtained to re-point the bricks in the townhouse and lobby areas (including the steps).  Separate bids are also being obtained to repair the bricks along the walkway from the entry gate to the lobby. Mulching of the Flower Beds – Mulching will be undertaken in the bedding areas along W. Bute St, the areas adjacent to the walkway, and the bedding areas in front of the townhouses within the next several weeks. Recent Plumbing Issues – Several weeks ago, there was a back-up in the kitchen sink of one of the lower PH units.  This unit, plus others in the building share common drain pipes with other units which unfortunately are aging.  As a gentle reminder regarding the use of garbage disposals, please be mindful of those items which should not be put down garbage disposals (based on some on-line research) - grease or oil; potato peels; bones; celery; coffee grounds; egg shells; fruit pits; pasta; and fibrous materials like banana peels.  While using the disposal and after, cold water (not hot) should be used.


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