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South Elevator Now Operational

As many of you have noticed, our South Elevator is now operational. As there have been questions about this elevator, it is proper to offer some insight. While we expected to receive our shipment of modernization elements to revitalize both elevators in early October, the ever present supply-chain decided to visit our community. We have been notified that our early October shipment has been delayed until late December. And, while this is not far from today, it does color our wishes and expectations. That said, the board notified our elevator company (TKE) that we need a second elevator to remain in operation. With some additional resources brought to bear, the TKE company now has our South Elevator up and running. Please know that it is safe to use, as we continue to prepare for a full modernization of both elevators, which shall commence soon after the first of the year. For now, know that either elevator is a good option, as we should all try to keep superstition from entering our consciousness. We can all look forward to two modernized elevators in the early part of 2023, which will continue to raise our quality of daily life at the Pilot House.

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If I get in the south elevator I'm going to be sure that I have my mobile phone.

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