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Security issues!

Recently, there was an intruder in our garage.

A car was riffled and a bike stolen. We don’t know yet exactly when it occurred. It most likely occurred when FSLA was doing the fire safety inspection and the garage door was open. HOWEVER, we should always be alert to suspicious activities around out property and make sure we are taking appropriate precautions.

At a minimum, we need to be locking our cars doors, not propping any building doors open and making sure that pedestrian gates close completely when we are entering and exiting our property.

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It was our bike that was stolen and car that was entered. I did notice an unfamiliar bike in the utility room (not ours)--anyone put their bike there? Brian Deutsch

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14. Aug. 2022

When we departed the garage by car shortly after 09:00 - 08/12/2002 we saw a black bicycle lying on it's side in Arnold Leon's parking space. It was not a bike that I recognized, and it seemed out of place. We stood it up against the wall. That might be a good time to check the security cameras. John Bowers, Unit#201

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