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Security Camera System Access

All – Security Cameras - Phase I for installation of the security cameras is complete.  Five cameras have been installed and they provide coverage of (1) the entry gate, (2) the upper parking lot, (3) the walkway to the lobby and lobby door, (4) the upper lobby, and (5) the electrical room in the garage.  Phase II to install cameras in the garage and the dock will be undertaken in co-ordination with the garage project. Instructions to install access to the cameras is available on the Pilot House website – the link is provided below.  Once on the site, click on “Security Camera System". Instructions will be available.

Before attempting to access system, make sure you email to get your units username/password. Each unit is issued one account, which can be used on multiple devices simultaneously. If you need assistance gaining access to the security cameras, both Phil Copley and John Bowers are available and willing to help.


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