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The vast majority of the roofing materials has been delivered and placed on the roof.  I hope at least some of you had a chance to see the gigantic crane and observe the logistics around doing this!  Amazing!

The contractors plan to be back on site on Monday, February 10, after the weather clears…and assuming rain isn’t again predicted.

The project manager, Mike Clark, has told us that DURING NON-WORKING HOURS, (evenings, weekends and rainy days when they aren’t here) residents, guests, service workers etc. may come and go via the upper lot (still no parking there, though).  Please stay safe and navigate around the stair tower.  Anytime the workers are here, please continue to use the dock gate (even if it looks safe to you to use the upper lot, please don’t).

Wednesday morning (Feb 5), Katchmark placed a dumpster in the upper lot.  Please DO NOT use this dumpster for any reason, and, if you have work done on your unit, please ask your contractor NOT to place trash in it.  It’s for Katchmark’s use only.

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