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Roast & Toast - Thank you!

The Social Committee would like to say thank you to all the owners & guests who attended our fall Roast & Toast last evening! We had 33 attendees, including 26 Residents/Owners and 7 guests. Thank you to all who contributed spirits and food for the occasion as well. A special thanks goes to Buffy Devnew who made a delicious chowder for the event (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian), to Melissa Deutsch who worked directly with Gormet Gang on the catered food, to Greta and Gary who roasted oysters, to Linda Haley for the Greek Egg Rolls, and to Jack Miles and Jack Devnew for coordinating the procurement of the oysters. Additionally those Social Committee Members and Community Members who helped with Setup and Cleanup - we are very thankful for your participation as well. The committee looks forward to our next planned event, to be determined.

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