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Reminder: Security System Review

Just a friendly Reminder, there will be training sessions on the new security system the following times. Please bring your questions. This is not a decision-making type of training, its only a review session for the system capabilities. The board of directors is still considering some related security system matters, and at last check no decision has been made.

The training will review the following items:

  1. Accessing the Building/Property using Fobs

  2. Accessing the Building/Property using Access Code

  3. Accessing the Building/Property using Mobile App

  4. Responding to a Guest at the call box

  5. Sharing access to outside guest utilizing the mobile app

  6. Methods to edit/update your information


Monday 12/2 @ 6PM to 7PM - 2nd Floor Lobby

Wednesday 12/4 @ 6PM to 7PM - 2nd Floor Lobby

Thursday 12/5 @ 6PM to 7PM - 2nd Floor Lobby

RSVP is not required, just show up on a day/time that works for you.

Host: Phil Copley

*if no one shows up within 15 minutes of start time, the training for that night will be cancelled.

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