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The Board of Directors and CAVALIER LAND are committed to providing an organized and proactive environment for homeowners in the event of a plumbing or leak emergency. In case of a flood, plumbing leak, water leak or sewer backup, please contact the CAVALIER LAND at (757) 625-3502.

Avoid more damage to your property: If possible, please turn the water valve off in your unit immediately to minimize potential damage.

When you first notice a water leak, please follow these steps to stop or reduce the leak as quickly as possible, until it can be addressed by a professional plumber:

  • Assess the leak and attempt to locate the source of the leak. Contact neighbors upstairs or in adjoining units to see if the leak is coming from there and ask them to shut off water if possible. If there is no answer, contact CAVALIER LAND for additional assistance.

  • Contain the water with a bucket or another container or towels until a plumber can address it. Clean up any water from the leak with a mop and towels.

After Hours Emergency: If you have an after-hours emergency, contact Cavalier Land by dialing 757-625-3502, press extension 107, and follow the instructions. The person on call will call you back. You must leave a description of the problem and a phone number, where you can be reached. After hours emergencies are generally defined as uncontrollable water from a unit above and roof leaks.

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