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Pilot House Gate/Fence Refurbishment underway

This is a quick update on the gate and fencing refurbishment project. As this is day 3 of the project, the Caligari team has been stripping and prepping the fencing that stretches along West Bute Street and into the courtyard approaching the 2nd Floor Lobby. There is not a start date on the lower level garage this point. Also the vendor has indicated no need to move any vehicles at this time. When the times comes to move vehicles, we will provide as much advance notice as possible of any request for vehicle relocation.

One side note is that we needed to trim the Juniper bushes on the western wall of the garage, as some limbs were growing into the garage area. Because there are a fair amount of cuttings, coupled with the fact that we are in a holiday season, cuttings have been placed on top of the storage unit (Parking Space 17 with a Silver VW in the space) next to the exit door in the lower garage. See picture below. Please feel free to take any amount of our home grown Juniper cuttings that can help add some trimmings to your individual home for the holidays.

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Thank you for the update.

How thoughtful of you to think of offering the juniper cuttings for decorating .


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