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Pilot House Parking returns to normal Effective Immediately (12/22/22 at 11:00 am)

The progress on the Gate/Fencing Refurbishment is continuing, even though we have a storm with rain and wind expected to begin today. The Caligari representative (painting contractor) has indicated that one additional day is needed to complete the project. We are in the home stretch on this project. With the storm expected to arrive today with effects into tomorrow, they will not be back until next Tuesday, December 27.

Please feel free to return to your original parking assignments effective immediately. We will reach out to individuals next week with the plan to accommodate Caligari's final day of work. Again, the Board thanks you for your patience and enjoy a wonderful holiday season.

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Dec 23, 2022

New Post...Jack M. found a gift card in the Parking Garage this morning. Please call us (757-621-1924) if you've lost one! Emily

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