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Pilot House Gate/Fence Refurbishment Update

The board would like to thank everyone for their patience during the Pilot House Gate and Fence Refurbishment Project. As you may have noticed the work on the West Bute Street Fence and Gates are largely complete. On Thursday, the Caligari team started on the lower level garage with powerwashing and began their preparatory work. We also had welders, who replaced 62 rings from the lower level garage that became dislodged or had fallen. With these back in place the effort to finish the prep and begin painting the garage can proceed more quickly. While I wish I could say that they were finished, the project will extend into next week. I have all good hopes and expectations that the project will be finished no later than next Friday, December 23. I would ask that we continue to utilize our parking arrangements that are currently in place for one more week. Again, thank you for your patience, as we continue to bring the Pilot House back to looking its very best.

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Thank you for your efforts in improving our home.

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