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Pilot House Committees & New Committee Members for 2023

The Pilot House Board of Directors has established committees, which are deemed necessary to the efficient management and operation of the condominium. Such committees adopted by the Board shall have the powers and duties as set forth in the Resolution adopted by the Board that creates the Committee.

The following are the Pilot House list of committees and new committee members for 2023:

Covenants Committee

Greta Gustavson

Frank Lira

Emily Miles

Dock Committee

John Bowers

Jack Devnew

Gary Naigle

Landscape Committee

Karen Doty

Berri Pratt

Nominating Committee

Sue Olitsky

Berri Pratt

Safety & Security Committee

John Bowers

Phil Copley

Gary Naigle

Berri Pratt

Social Committee

Phil Copley

Melissa Deutsch

Buffy Devnew

Linda Haley

Travis Haney

Steve Clayton

The Board of Directors announces committee appointments each fall for terms beginning in January of the upcoming year. Committee members will be appointed for two-year terms. The Board of Directors may make additional appointments throughout the year, should vacancies occur.

Each committee shall elect the Chairperson of the committee and notify the Board of Directors of the newly appointed Chairperson in January of each calendar year. The committee shall also elect a secretary who shall be responsible for recording accurate minutes of the committee's meetings and submitting them to the Pilot House Board Secretary, in a timely manner, for inclusion at the next community board meeting.

Below is a both a link as well as a document, which describes each committee along with a more in depth description of the duties, scope and authority of each Pilot House committee.

PH Committees of the Board of Directors
Download PDF • 112KB

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