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Pilot House Committees - Open Enrollment for Calendar 2023

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

The Annual Membership meeting of the Pilot House will be held next Tuesday, September 27 at 4:00 pm on the Dock under the Pergola, weather permitting. We have very good information to share with the community, as we have made significant progress over the past year. One of the topics at the board meeting will be a review of our current Pilot House Committees. We are very pleased with the high degree of community volunteer engagement that has grown in the past 12 months. As you will see from the current roster of committee volunteers listed below, we are especially fortunate to have 21 resident volunteers in the community that are currently engaged in various committee work. We are especially grateful for all the time that our volunteers have contributed over the past year. We look forward to offering a wider inclusion of community members in the upcoming year, as we have several new residents that joined us in the past year.

Excellent governance happens, when we have an excellent and engaged group of volunteers. While we are most fortunate to have Cavalier Land, as our management company, it still requires much engagement from the community to make it all happen. If you have an interest in participating on a committee within the Pilot House, please look through the list of committees below and send an email to and let us know the committee or committees that you may have an interest. We have developed a document that outlines the guidelines, eligibility and responsibilities for any committee member and will provide that to you, when you send us your committee interest(s). Committees may have up to five members, where your energy and interest can best favor our community. We are interested in hearing back from all, who are interested in participating in the next year. If you are currently an existing committee member, please also reach out to let us know of your continued interest, as well as to let us know, if you have an interest to serve on another committee as well.

The Committee year begins January 1, 2023 and runs a full 12 months. The open enrollment opportunity will remain for the 6 week period beginning September 19 through October 31. To assist you, we are including a brief description of each committee and the general charter. Should you have questions about any committee, you may seek out the current chairperson, a member of the committee or ask any board member. We are most willing to share the story of each of the committees and the excellent work done by our volunteers.

The Covenants Committee

The primary responsibility of the Covenants Committee is to advise the Board of Directors on issues affecting the internal and external appearance, use and upkeep of the property.

Dock Committee

The primary responsibility of the Dock Committee is to advise the Board of Directors on the management, safety, and upkeep of the marina. The scope of the Committee’s influence will be proposing and implementing marina policies and procedures, preparing an Annual Plan, drafting the annual budget, and monitoring marina operations and maintenance.

Landscape Committee

The primary responsibility of the Landscape Committee is to advise the Board of Directors by promoting, preserving and enhancing the exterior aesthetic appeal of common area grounds owned and maintained by the Pilot House. Primary objectives include evaluating the common area grounds, developing and updating a consistent long-range landscaping plan for the community, and documenting recommendations for corrections and improvements. The scope of the Committee’s influence will be proposing landscape standards, preparing a periodic landscape plan and draft budget, and to present proposals and work order requests to the board, when needed.

Nominating Committee

The primary responsibility of the Nominating Committee is to advise the Board of Directors on identification of future candidates, who may desire to serve on the Board of Directors, when board vacancies are present. While the committee will facilitate a proposed slate of candidates through an open selection from community members, candidates may also be nominated in an open forum at the annual board meeting.

Safety & Security Committee

The primary responsibility of the Safety & Security Committee is to advise the Board of Directors through the evaluation of safety & security related events or issues of the property and common areas, which may result in policy & procedure recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Social Committee

The primary responsibility of the Social Committee is to advise the Board of Directors through planning and conducting social activities open to residents at various times during the year. The committee shall also consider the appropriate uses of common areas for social events hosted by residents and recommend policies and practice guidelines to the Board.

Architectural Review Committee (Subcommittee of Covenants Committee)

The primary responsibility of the Architectural Review Committee is to advise the Covenants Committee and the Board of Directors by providing assistance in establishing and overseeing community standards. It also includes reviewing and making recommendations to change requests, within the architectural scheme of the Condominium. Recommendations for approval or requests for additional information will be forwarded to the Covenants Committee and Board before responding directly to unit owners.

Pilot House Committees and Committee Roster for 2022


Covenants Committee

Greta Gustavson (chairperson)

Emily Miles

Margaret Land

Frank Lira

Dock Committee

Gary Naigle (chairperson)

John Bowers

Nominating Committee

Barrie Pratt (chairperson)

Sue Olitsky

Safety Committee

Stephanie Stringer (chairperson)

Gary Naigle

John Bowers

Phil Copley

Berri Pratt

Bruce Robertson

Social Committee

Phil Copley (chairperson)

Steve Stringer

Linda Haley

Buffy Devnew

Travis Haney

Melissa Deutsch


Architectural Review Committee

Gary Naigle (chairperson)

Stephanie Stringer

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