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OpenPath Mobile - Change in Behavior (Dock Gate from Garage)

Please note, the method of opening the dock gate from the garage utilizing OpenPath Mobile (OpenPath Mobile App) has been updated to touch-only. This change means that, effective immediately, all users utilizing OpenPath Mobile for entry to the garage from the dock will be required to physically touch the reader device to gain entry. This is similar to the OpenPath Mobile behavior at the pedestrian gate in the upper lot. This adjustment is part of the Safety & Security Committee's ongoing efforts to enhance security measures and ensure the safety of our community. The Safety & Security Committee is actively monitoring these changes and will continue to review and adjust our security protocols as necessary to maintain a secure and accessible environment for all residents and authorized individuals.

The use of FOBS to access the garage from the dock is unchanged. This change only affects users of OpenPath Mobile (OpenPath Mobile App).

Thank you!

Safety & Security Committee

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