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New Lobby Furniture Arriving Soon

New Lobby Furniture Arriving Wednesday, June 19th


New lobby furniture (from Decorum) is scheduled to be delivered on Wednesday, June 19th.  Almost all of the existing lobby furniture will be repurposed throughout floors 3-6.


In preparation for the arrival of the new furniture and the repurposing of existing items, please let Emily Miles know if you personally own any furniture on your floor and whether or not you wish to keep it. The Decorum designers have marked pieces that will either stay, be relocated or donated to the Samaritan House.


No firm decisions have been made regarding most of the decorative pieces, lamps and art work. If any of these pieces belong to you and you prefer them to stay on your floor, please let Emily know by Monday, June 15th either by text or phone. The majority of these existing items will be used and may be moved as the designers place furniture in new schemes. 


Again, please let Emily know before Monday, June 17th about any of these items either by text or phone at 757-621-1927.


Delivery and moving is scheduled for Wednesday, June 19th. 


Thanks for your help as we work to enhance each floor's decor.


Emily Miles (Cell: 757-621-1927)

Covenants Committee

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