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Landscaping Update and Upgrade at the Pilot House

I want to inform all of our residents that our current landscaping company, Stryker Landscaping, has discontinued operations. As a result of this change, we have been seeking a new landscaping company. As this search remains underway, we have identified a company that will provide interim support to help bring our landscaping back up to par. Towne Scapes is the company that will be assisting us, until we find a permanent solution for ongoing grounds maintenance. Towne Scapes has identified the date of Thursday, September 16, where they will spend the day and attend to the entire property. While the entire property will be addressed, one area of attention is the grounds surrounding the surface parking lot. Towne Scapes has asked that we relocate all vehicles from the surface parking lot on the single day of Thursday, Sept 16, so as to facilitate the clean-up effort and to insure no harm comes to any vehicles in that above ground lot.

I will be reaching out to all individuals, whose vehicle will need relocation for that day. The plan will include identification of a parking space in the lower garage lot for that day for those who need to relocate their vehicle. While those affected can certainly place their car on the street for the day, we will make sure that an option to park in the lower lobby is available for that day.

If you have any questions, please let me know at or call me at (757) 333-0800.

The board wishes to thank you for your continued patience, as we continue to maintain the Pilot House, as a beautiful place to live.

Bruce Robertson, President

Pilot House Condominium

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