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Due to the recent surge of the coronavirus locally and nationally, and because we share many common areas, we thought it important to reiterate some of the Pilot House guidelines sent out last Spring.

· All residents are requested to please wear a mask when outside your unit and still in the building.

· Consider delaying any elective projects requiring contractors, but if you DO need essential work done (major renovations, movers, clogged toilet, clogged drain, house sitter, cleaning person, dog walker, etc.), it is the responsibility of unit owners to advise workers that the board requires them to wear a mask when they are anywhere in the building.

· There is still a sign on our 2nd floor lobby door asking delivery people to leave packages (including groceries) in the lobby rather than delivering them to your door, and that they please wear masks while inside the building as well.

· While the CDC is now stating that the risk of transmission from surfaces is low, Tony Miller, from our cleaning service, is continuing to disinfect commonly touched areas (door knobs, elevator buttons, etc.) 5 days a week.

Thank you!

Bruce, Stephanie, Jeanne, Karen and Gary

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