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Johnson Masonry on site - November 3

Recently, the team at Johnson Masonry has been performing brick work (repairs and mortar pointing-up) of the building rooftop. As this is now complete, the next phase will begin on Thursday, November 3, where the focus will be on the ground level areas and selected sections of the wall areas on upper floors. At times scaffolding will be necessary to accomplish this work. A few pictures are listed below to give you an idea of our focus.

This will likely continue thru the week of November 7, although weather can always be a factor which impacts the timeline. We are trying to insure the safety of all residents by keeping doors and gates closed, but there will be times during this work when supplies will have to be deployed and moved.

We appreciate your patience, as we continue to insure the overall health of the Pilot House

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Karen Moskowitz
Karen Moskowitz
03 nov 2022

Good to know. Do they also do windows? 😉

Me gusta
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