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Our thanks go out to Jeanne and John Bowers for investigating a source for purchasing the Delta Remote Garage Door Opener (aka “Clicker”) that opens the lower garage doors and the surface parking lot gates. I am attaching a document below that offers specific ordering information, which can be purchased on Amazon for a cost of $18.99.

In addition they have pulled the manufacturer diagram, which indicates the switching sequence (dip switches) necessary to open each of our two gates. Very helpful directions and detailed instructions are included in the attached below.

For those, who have a current “Clicker” that may not be functioning, you might consider replacement of the 9 volt battery and utilizing the attached diagram to re-confirm the switch sequence within your “Clicker”. If this effort leads to an unsuccessful result, a decision to purchase a replacement is probably appropriate.

Lastly, these purchase instructions and diagram will remain available under the “Documents” drop down box on the Owners/Residents tab. It will be listed under the Select Group & Security System.

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