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Freemason Street Area Association Neighborhood Cleanup

The Freemason Street Area Association (FSAA) is sponsoring an effort to assist in keeping the Freemason neighborhood a clean neighborhood. Everyone from the Pilot House is invited to join and participate in this effort. Not only will it help keep Freemason free of litter, it is also a great way to get to know your other participating neighbors.

Please come on out and join us for this neighborhood cleanup this Saturday, September 16th from 9-11 AM.

Coffee, donuts, bags, gloves, and hand sanitizer will be provided.

We'll meet by Lola, the mermaid at Freemason Green (corner of College Place and College Cross).

In addition to our normal litter pickup, we’ll work on a few common areas with weed trimmers, blowers, hand tools and bags of mulch.

Thank you to all residents and friends who help keep Freemason beautiful by picking up litter on your daily walks…a little bit every day makes all the difference!

We hope to see you Saturday – There’ll be plenty to do!

Our thanks go out to Jack Kavanaugh, President of the FSAA and the board for organizing this important effort.

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