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Flood Barriers

The Board of Directors asked me to post the attached PDF regarding Norfolk's Resilience plan. The various plans include construction of a flood barrier wall adjacent to the Pilot House. I caution that these plans are very preliminary. The Freemason Street Area Association has invited Norfolk's Coastal Resiliency Manager to present an update at its next general meeting: September 19, 2024, 7:00 pm; Location TBD, and there will likely be updated information in the coming months at

John T. Bowers, MD

Pilot House Dock Master

Resiliance 04.24.24 PierPointe at Freemason Harbour Condo Association
Download PDF • 2.02MB

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Thank you for sharing that, John. Is there any indication what the preliminary plan is for the location of the flood gate and the height of the new flood wall? It looks like it is designed to follow our existing sea wall. Also, does this mean our planned sea wall rebuild is unnecessary?

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There are two preliminary options for the location of the barrier. Each is illustrated on slide #15. #1 puts the wall between out building and the dock. #2 puts the wall offshore of our dock. I have no information about th height of the wall but suspect something similar to the wall along Boush St. Option #1 would likely obviate the need for us to do anything to our current bulkhead adjacent to W. Bute St.

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