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Exterior Door Repairs at the Pilot House

Recently, the Board of the Pilot House and volunteers in our community have increased the focus on making certain that all exterior doors are in good working order and remaining properly closed. The focus includes all doors, which create access onto the property, into the main building, storage areas, the lower Garage level, and the two lobby areas. The goal of this effort is to ensure and enhance the safety for all residents and resident property. Safety starts with each of us in the Pilot House. You can help to support this effort by actively monitoring doors, as you close them from any location on the Pilot House property. It is also important to remind everyone that no doors should ever be propped open and left unattended for any period of time. This creates a potential safety hazard for everyone in the building.

We have exterior doors that have been recently repaired and some that have repair parts on order, which will be installed as soon as the parts arrive. The following doors are included in the repair listing:

1. Pedestrian Gated door from the surface lot to W Bute Street

2. 2nd Floor Lobby doors

3. 1st Floor Garage Lobby Doors

4. Three gated metal doors entering the lower Garage level

5. One gated metal door, located near the outdoor brick stairs by the 2nd Floor Lobby

6. 1st Floor Storage Room Door/Fire Pump Room Door

7. 2nd Floor Stairwell Emergency Exit door, which enters onto Bute Street

8. Pedestrian Gated door to the dock area

1. The Pedestrian Gate door has been a door of particular focus, as we have continued to work on as well as to engage door vendors over time to repair it. We believe that we have now engaged an excellent door vendor, Beach Door, who completed the work on the pedestrian gate on Tuesday, September 20, 2022. The gate can now passively close with reliability and does not bounce open any longer, when closing. Please do not attempt to actively close or slam this gate. Actively pushing or slamming the gate could harm the mechanism. Furthermore, the sound from slamming the gate reverberates loudly and is heard by those living and/or sleeping in the neighboring townhouses. We are fortunate that our surveillance cameras can readily monitor all activity at this gate.

2. The Second Floor Lobby doors were repaired yesterday (September 20, 2022). These two doors have a magnetic locking mechanism and each will now close freely behind you.

3. The Lower lobby door has a “kick-down” mechanism on one of the glass doors to enable residents to keep/prop it open, when bringing in supplies or groceries into the building. We have ordered a replacement part for this door, as we are finding that residents mistakenly leave the kick-down in the down position. This results in the door left open, which creates a potential security breach into the building. The repair to this door should be completed within the next 2-3 weeks. In the meantime, should you utilize the “kick-down” on this door, please make sure to return it to the upright position, when closing the door.

4. There are three gated metal doors, which provide ingress to the lower level garage on each of the east, west and south sides of the building. These doors have been reviewed for proper closure and have recently been repaired. These doors will readily close without any additional effort other than to make sure it is secure upon closure.

5. There is one gated metal door, which is located in close proximity to the outdoor brick stairs by the 2nd Floor Lobby. Once past the door, a sidewalk on the eastern border of the Pilot House leads one towards the seawall near the end of Freemason Street. The gated metal door has also been repaired and is in good working order. Again, this door will readily close without any additional effort other than to make sure it is secure. Keeping this door closed and locked at all times is especially important, so as to mitigate any potential for unauthorized intrusion through a door that is left open.

6. For those unit owners, who have a limited common element storage unit on the first floor of the Pilot House, there is a set of metal doors, which enter into the Storage Room area, as well as the Fire Pump Room. One of the two doors recently failed and has now been replaced. Both doors are in good working order. Please remember to lock this door, once you have completed your visit to a storage unit.

7. At the north end of the hallway on the 2nd floor, which is beyond the mailbox area, there is an Emergency Exit door which leads down a flight of stairs to the street level. The exterior door at the street level has reached the end of its useful life. The corrosion at the base of the door make it easy to leave ajar. A replacement door has been ordered and should be installed in the next 2-3 weeks. Should you exit the building between now and the time of its replacement, please be very careful to fully close this door. Because this door goes directly to the W. Bute Street level, it poses an imminent security breach, if not properly closed.

8. The Pedestrian Gate, which opens from W. Bute Street at the waterfront into the Pilot House Dock and Pergola area, is currently in full functioning order. As with all doors, please do not leave this door for any period of time, while unattended.

Again, safety and the preservation of a safe environment begins with each of us, who live at the Pilot House. The board appreciates your attention and assistance in this matter, as we will continue to foster a safe environment for all.

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