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Elevator Assessment

Pilot House Unit Owners,

The Pilot House BOD would like you to be aware that at the March 23 BOD meeting, a resolution was passed to assess the community $224,849 towards the cost to refurbish the two elevators. Bids were sought from three vendors and the low bidder was TK Elevators (our current vendor) for a total cost of $341,421. You are no doubt aware that one of the elevators has been down continuously for several months, and because of the age of the elevators (+ 35 years), we are not able to secure new parts. Thus there is some urgency in getting the work done.

As you may have already heard, we are transitioning to a new management company, Cavalier Land, on May 1. Because we are in the midst of this transition, the BOD has decided to have Cavalier Land handle the notice about the special assessment and specific payment information. Cavalier Land will be sending these notices out shortly after May 1, 2022. Under Virginia law, a special assessment is the responsibility of unit owners as of the date it was voted on by the board. The BOD also voted at the March 23 meeting, a due date of December 1, 2022 for when the assessments are to be paid in full.

As a reminder all approved Pilot House Board of Directors meeting minutes can be viewed on the Association Website.

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