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Electric Vehicles & The Pilot House (Survey Reminder)

<<< Reminder to please review and complete survey>>>

Good Day,

In the January 2022 Pilot House Board of Directors meeting, a motion was approved to establish an Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure Project ad-hoc Committee. The purpose of this ad-hoc committee was to develop and submit a comprehensive report to the Pilot House (PH) Board of Directors on EV charging solutions available to the PH Association and its residents.

The report will provide results of the committee's investigation into the following areas:

  • Level of interest in EV's among Pilot House owners/residents

  • Level of interest in the installation of EV related infrastructure on PH Property

  • Universe of EV Charging Solutions within the local community

  • Universe of Applicable Vendors in the community which could support EV charging on the Pilot House Property

  • Universe of EV Charging Solutions on the market which are applicable to the Pilot House Condominium

  • Costs of installation and operation of infrastructure on the Pilot House Property

  • Available EV charging infrastructure grants/rebates which the PH could participate

  • Scope and scalability of each charging solution installed on PH Property

  • Methods of billing available to users

  • Committee Recommendations

As the first step in the ad-hoc committees investigation, we send to you a survey to help us understand the communities interest in EV’s. We’d appreciate your participation in the survey. You can access the survey by CLICKING HERE. While electronic surveys are preferred additional printed surveys will be available by the mailboxes. We ask that all responses be submitted by March 18th, 2022.

Thank you for your attention and participation in the survey,

Electric Vehicle Ad-Hoc Committee

Berri Pratt, John Bowers, Phil Copley

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Frank Lira
Frank Lira
Mar 15, 2022

Great idea providing EV users assume installation and maintenance costs. I don’t intend to transition in the near future. Frank

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