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This is a reminder from The Select Group for your upcoming Oct 1 quarterly dues: 

· If you have not already done so, mail or email the completed ACH form and a voided check for the next quarterly assessment to the address below or email to

· If you do NOT wish to have your assessment directly debited from your account, you should have already or will be receiving a coupon booklet which you must use when making your monthly payment.

If you choose not to utilize the ACH program you may pay your assessment fee in several ways

· Online Payment Service by Check or Credit Card (One time and recurring options are available) You may pay by:

§  E-Check which is self-initiated as a one time or recurring debit from your checking account at no cost to you

§  MasterCard, VISA, American Express or Discover as a one time or recurring payment option. A small fee is charged to the credit card for this service option.

· If you utilize an Online Bill Pay service or banking option, please remember to update the mailing address for your payments or they many not be processed in a timely manner and may be returned by the postal service. The mailing address is:

Pilot House Condominium Association

c/0 The Select Group, Inc

P.O. Box 105007

Atlanta, GA 30348-5007

Please make sure to send in your resident information form with updated information.

If you have any questions about this information, please call The Select Group directly at 486-6000 and tell them you have a question about your condo dues payment.  

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