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Community Groups - Added Website Feature

To enhance communication and foster a sense of community among Pilot House residents, the Pilot House website now features a new section titled “Community Groups.” This section offers various interest groups that any community member can join, aiming to connect individuals with shared interests.

Groups Include:

  • General Resident Group (All Website Members are included)

  • Sailing Boating Group

  • Card Game Group

  • Wine Group

  • Freemason Group

  • Puzzle Group

  • Fitness Group

  • Restaurant Group

Joining any of these groups grants you access to updates and contributions from fellow residents, encouraging open Q&A, engaging discussions, and the exchange of experiences related to your interests. Additionally, once you become a member of a group, you gain the capability to post content independently, fostering an even greater sense of community engagement. The General Resident Group, which includes all website members by default, serves as a platform for broader discussions, ensuring that everyone has a space to share and connect.

You can always navigate to this section of the website by navigating to Owners/Residents menu and clicking on “Community Groups” (Link Here), or by using the “Spaces” app (LINK HERE) and navigating to the “Groups” section.

Please note this takes the place of “Resident Info Exchange” which is limited on features, and is being discontinued.

This new area is not to be confused with the “Communique”. The Communique is specifically for Association notifications from the Board of Directors, as well as for committee chair’s to communicate to residents.

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