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While contractors (both hired by unit owners and for general Pilot House work) have been pretty good about not parking to the east of the exit ramp outside the garage, we’ve noticed that they often now park to west of the garage doors. That’s also an illegal parking space. Parking there blocks the fire hydrant, which needs to be accessible in an emergency.

We’ve updated this information sheet to include that contractors should not park there either. Please remind your contractors of this. The roof will be done in about a week (weather depending) and the service spaces in the upper lot will again become available. Otherwise they will need to use legal spaces on the street.

This notice will be posted on our bulletin board and also on our website under resident documents. Other distribution is noted at the end of this document. Please take a few minutes to review the entire document.


This information applies to all contractors whether for owner renovations or work commissioned by the Board.


· Must get written approval from the Board of Directors and notify Select Group before any work is started that includes renovating either the interior of their individual unit.    

· Before work begins, find out if their contractor has any liability insurance to cover any damages to the common areas (i.e. walls, carpet, paint, furniture, elevators, walkways etc..)  If not, it’s the owner’s responsibility for damage to these or other common areas.

· Except for Heating and AC contractors accessing the roof to check roof top systems, owners must get written approval from the Board of Directors and Select Group if their contractor needs to access the roof for any association common element work. 


· Must cover common area carpets with clear plastic runners or other protection for their work pathways. 

· May use only one elevator and must place the wall pads and floor covering during the time any work is performed.  Both must be removed each evening and then folded and placed under the stairs in the 2nd floor south stairwell.  

· May work only between 8 AM and 5 PM, and are restricted to weekdays. 

· May not smoke anywhere on Pilot House grounds.  

· May not park in the illegal space immediately to the right of the Pilot House garage door exit.  Contractors may not remove the orange barrel to make a space to park.  

· May also not park in the space immediately to the left of the entrance garage door. This is an illegal space and blocks the city’s fire hydrant.

· The Pilot House has designated spaces in the upper lot (the 2 closest to the walkway to the lobby) and may be used if available.  


· Contractors and owners must notify Select Group and get written approval from the Board of Directors for any exceptions to these rules. 


· When an Association proposal has been accepted from a contractor, Select Group will give them a copy.

· When a unit owner has received written approval for renovations, Select Group will include a copy for the owner to give to their contractor.  


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Bruce Robertson
Bruce Robertson
Apr 03, 2020

A copy of this notice is also stored under Resident Documents as well as Renter Documents. It is filed under The Select Group and within the Contractor Info & Unit Renovations folder.

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