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After sending the notice about the water shut off for the entire building off on Tuesday, March 3, from 10-12 noon, I learned that if you have a tankless water heater or an ice maker, you should be sure and TURN THOSE OFF before the building water is shut off.

And then, of course, turn them back on after the water is back on!

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Unknown member
Mar 02, 2020

THIS IS AN IMPORTANT INFORMATION FROM GARY NAIGLE ABOUT THE TANKLESS WATER HEATERS The updated notice that was sent to residents on Sunday, March 1 should include the following:

1. Turn the tankless water heater unit off at the electric panel; there should be a dedicated breaker for the tankless water heater unit. 

2. Make certain that before restoring the power to your tankless water heater unit that you "bleed" your water system to clear the lines of air when the water to the building has been restored.  If this is not done the air will cause the tankless heating elements to overheat and break. If anybody needs assistance in identifying the correct breaker, I will be happy to assist.  Please let…

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