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Just wanted to let everyone know that earlier today the city began replacing the guard rail on our end of Bute Street and ran into some problems. Below is a message sent to Jack Kavanaugh from a project manager for the city of Norfolk about what’s going on. (No photo included).

We don’t have any info on how long this will last, but in case you have contractors coming and going, you might want to let them know that turning around and possibly parking might be difficult.

Our garage entrance and exit are still accessible.

Hi Jack,

Just wanted to let you be aware of an issue at the 400 block of W Bute St. We had scheduled our guardrail contractor to replace some damaged guardrail at the end of the street. While pulling out the post to replace the guardrail they discovered a severe roadway undermining next to the retaining wall. We have already had our waterfront consultant investigate the issue and they are working on a plan to make the necessary repairs. In the meantime, we have placed barrels to block off the hazard area as seen on the attached photo. Just wanted to let you be aware in the event residents start asking what’s going on. John

John Stevenson

Sr. Design & Construction Project Manager

City of Norfolk

Department of Transit

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