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At the board meeting on Thursday, we mentioned that the Pilot House security camera system was scheduled for an upgrade this morning between 10-12.

Here is a message about that upgrade from our Physical Safety Team: Phil Copley, Bruce Robertson and John Bowers.

“Please let the community know the camera system is back online and continues to be available for their use. The health of the system continues to be strong. Video storage is averaging a running 30 - 40 day window of time. Meaning recorded video remains available for viewing up to 30 - 40 days from the day its recorded. 

Today’s maintenance process was conducted between 10AM - 11AM and included:

· Updating the system firmware

· Restarting the system

· Checking the basic configuration

· Checking the system health, including storage

· Verifying system access continued from various mobile devices (Phone & iPad)

If there are any connectivity issues, please email John Bowers, Bruce Robertson, or Phil Copley.”

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