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SECURITY CAMERA FIX from our webmasters (Phil Copley and Bruce Robertson)

As many of you are aware, on April 10th 2020, COX had a internet disruption for much of Downtown Norfolk, including the Freemason Area. This caused some cascading issues with our internet based equipment for the building (Open Path Security, and Security Cameras). We have finally gotten it all corrected.

If you are interested in reestablishing access to the Camera System utilizing your mobile device, please follow the instructions for updating the configuration information in the app. CLICK HERE to access the instructions. As always, if you need your username/password for your unit’s account feel free to email

Thank you for your patience while we solved these issues.



Last year the Pilot House had planned on a big garage update, but that had to put on hold till the roofing project was done. While there are still a few minor finishes on the roof, the garage update is now back on our focus, to be done in phases. The first phase is the electrical work.

Norfolk Air will be in the garage this week repairing and upgrading the garage lighting. The work will include the ceiling strip lighting as well as the wall units. We expect the project to last several days, depending on the availability of parts. The work on this project should not impact parking or egress and ingress into the garage. Thank you.

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Unknown member
14. Mai 2020

That is good to hear about updating the lighting. What about routine cleaning of the garage? Debris seems to accumulate along the wall which exits to outdoor parking lot.

Gefällt mir
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