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Plumbing Leaks:

Your Pilot House Board of Directors along with The Select Group is committed to providing an organized and proactive environment for our homeowners in the event of a plumbing emergency. In case of a flood, plumbing leak or sewer backup, call the Management Office 757 486-6000. They will either refer you to a recommended plumber or refer the problem to a contractor. Plumbing issues inside your home are the unit owner’s responsibility and you may choose to contact a plumber of your choice or you may contact Norfolk Air Heating & Cooling HVAC Plumbing Electrical directly at 963-8365. If it turns out to be a leak from another unit or water intrusion from rain, please notify the Management office.

Avoid more damage to your property: If possible, please turn the water valve off in your unit immediately to minimize potential damage.

When you first notice a water leak, you should follow these steps to stop or reduce the leak as quickly as possible, until you can get a professional plumber out to take a look:

§ Assess the leak. Sometimes, you may not be able to determine where the leak is coming from, however, many leaks are obvious. Contact your neighbor upstairs or in adjoining units to see if the leak is coming from there and ask them to shut off water if possible. If there is no answer, you may contact the Management office and they can assist in trying to reach the residents.

§ Contain the water with a bucket or another container or towels until the plumber can come out. Clean up any water from the leak with a mop and towels.


After Hours Emergency:

Any problems or emergencies on the common elements should be reported by calling The Select Group. If an emergency occurs after hours you may call The Select Group (757-486-6000); follow the prompts to leave a message for the on-call manager.

To assist you in defining emergency situations, the following list of applicable items which warrant emergency treatment is provided. This list is only illustrative and not inclusive of all potential emergency situations:

  1. Major plumbing leaks on common elements

  2. Fire

  3. Tree has fallen on or into building

If you have any questions on the above please contact Robin Jopp, our Association Manager, at The Select Group 757 486-6000

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