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This is in effect until 5 PM Tuesday, March 24.

We've had a delay in taking out the trash/recycle. All recycle bins are nearly full, and both green dumpsters are on the street so there is NO BIN TO CATCH TRASH SENT DOWN THE CHUTES.

After 5 PM tomorrow, the dumpsters will be back in the trash room to catch the chute trash. Also, there will be only a small amount of space in the one of the recycle bins; they will all be emptied this Friday, March 27. Please delay, if possible, taking any recycle to the trash room until after 5 PM this Friday. Thanks for your help and patience on this.

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Unknown member
Mar 23, 2020

This might also be a good time to remind residents NOT to bundle their recycling in plastic bags and then put those plastic bags in the recycling bin. Those plastic/trash bags contaminate the entire load. Carry your recycling to the bins in plastic bags, but then dump the items in the recycling bin and trash the plastic bags. Also don’t forget to break down cardboard boxes to create more room in those bins. Stay healthy everyone!!

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