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As you may recall, last year the Board approved a plan to update and improve the interior of the building. The Covenants Committee has been working with the design company "Innovate" to do this; the project will be completed in phases over the next one to two years. The first phase will be the hallway ceilings and lighting.

The Board recently approved the replacement of the ceiling tiles and new recessed LED light fixtures throughout the building, which will be a substantial improvement in brightening up the hallways and giving us a more current look.

The contractor plans to start on November 30 and will work one floor at a time, starting on the 6th floor. Each floor should take approximately one week (will update as the project progresses) and should be completed shortly after the new year.

Thanks for your patience.

If you have any questions, contact a member of the Covenants Committee.

Greta Gustavson, Emily Miles, Margaret Land, Frank Lira

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