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We understand some residents have been in contact with the Executive Officer about the constant noise from the Okeanos Explorer.  The Board has learned that unfortunately, there is nothing NOAA can do to mitigate the noise without “damaging federal property or endangering crew safety”.  And for hurricane responsiveness, they cannot switch the berths, so the ships need to remain in their current configuration.  Currently, they are expecting the Okeanos Explorer to be here at least through the middle of August, but it could be longer.  The board asks that if you have additional concerns about this or anything else regarding NOAA, please contact Gary Naigle, our Dock Master.

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Unknown member
Jun 24, 2020

At the very least, they could turn the ship around so the HVAC system, which is in the back of the ship, is facing the other way. That they backed this ship in, without regard to our residential neighborhood in really unacceptable, and they can, at the very least, turn the ship around.

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