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The Website Document Committee has added some new features and benefits to our website!

Go to “Owners/Residents (above) and check out the new “Frequently Asked Questions”. These let you easily navigate to the most popular/sought after information and documents on the site.

We’ve also identified which documents will be the most helpful and relevant to the searcher so you’ll see:

· some for renters

· others for owners

· some for board members.

On the FAQ page, you’ll also find information on creating a Resident Info Exchange post. Here you can exchange news and information that would be of interest to the PH community.

· Click on Owners/Residents (above)

· Click on Resident Info Exchange

· Create your post!

o You can ask a question (can anyone recommend a painter, plumber,etc.?)

o You can make a comment (the roofing job has started!)

o You can post a photo (check out the great sunsets!)

When you post something here, it will go directly to this page (and not distributed to all residents), so be sure and check back from time to time to see what’s out there.

Interesting anecdote: recently a small storage room on the 3rd floor was cleaned out and inventoried. During that process we found several boxes of historical documents, primarily related to when the building was built in the early 1980s.

Bruce Robertson, as webmaster, placed several of those historical documents on our website, including photos of the Pilot House construction AND few of the original Pilot House, where our building got it’s name. If you’re interested in seeing these:

· Click on Owners/Residents (above)

· Click on Resident Documents

· Click on Architectural & Engineering

· Click on Pilot House Original Construction

· Click on Photos.

Additionally, there’s lots of other interesting information you might want to check out in (and beyond) Architectural and Engineering! We encourage you to browse around the entire site (not just the FAQs) to become better acquainted with Pilot House information you should know about.

Keep in mind this is a work in progress, and as documents (historical and current) become available, new ones will be posted, so check back regularly.

We welcome any feedback (good and bad) on these new additions. Below this message, just click on “Write a comment” and let us know what you think! Your comments will be seen by all residents, including the Website Document Committee (Bruce Robertson, Jeanne Bowers and Stephanie Stringer).

If you have any trouble using our website, please contact

Bruce Robertson at either or 333-0800


Phil Copley at either or 576-7959.

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