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Updated: Nov 24, 2019


I hope the rainy November isn’t keeping you down!?

The new Open Path Access Control System (Call Boxes) is being installed this week (To Begin 11/20).

Here is what to expect, and how you can help:

What to expect:

The vendor will be installing the system and will list everyone who is on our Resident Listing:

As you read the below information, please review the resident listing using this link: CLICK HERE

The list is sorted by (LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME).

The number programed into the system will be the Primary Phone Number if listed. If there is no primary phone listed, then the cell number will be used. If there are two people residing in the unit they will be listed separately using the same primary number, or cell number (separate cell numbers if identified on the listing). After 2 weeks, if the unit residents/owners wish to make changes to this, please contact the property manager Robin Jopp, 757-486-6000,

The access code for each person will be the last 4 digits of the phone number used in the system

Each person listed on the resident listing (having an email address), will receive an email informing them how to download the smartphone app. This app will allow you access to all access points where you would typically use a fob. Further instructions on how to use the app and the system overall will be included in the email from the vendor, and will be forthcoming once the system is installed.

Each Unit will receive 1 fob. If after 30 days, having tried the other methods of entry, if you want additional fobs please contact Robin Jopp.

Once installed, the system will allow for residents to access the property/building using the following methods (1) Open Path Smartphone App (2) Access Code (3) Fob (4) Key

Each unit resident/owner will be allowed to remotely open the Main Pedestrian Gate, 2nd Floor Lobby Doors, 1st Floor Lobby Doors, Garage Gate leading to the Dock from their smart phone app. Please be aware the system tracks all actions by all users, and can be reported on as needed by the board.

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