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We trust this note finds you healthy and in good spirits given this unprecedented time in our history; certainly in our lifetimes.  We’re all adjusting to doing things differently and with patience as we learn this new normal.

With doing things differently in mind, the board would like to invite you to our first virtual Board Meeting using a virtual meeting system called “Blue Jeans”. This is scheduled for April 23 at 3PM. The link to join the meeting is in the Connection Information below.

Another first is that you’ll find a link to the agenda to review ahead of the meeting. Going forward, our plan is to share the agenda before each Board meeting to help you learn more about our discussions and to decide if you’d like to attend.

Agenda link:

We’ll start promptly at 3 PM, so please join a few minutes before then. We’ll go over the process for the virtual call with everyone in the first few minutes so we all understand how it’s going to work.

You will be able to ask questions, but because this is the first time we’ll be doing a virtual meeting, we encourage you to submit these ahead of time. Your questions can be about something on the agenda, or if you have something else you want to bring up, please do. Please send your questions to by 12 noon on Thursday, if possible. If you have questions during the meeting, we’ll use either a ‘chat’ feature which will allow you to submit written questions/comments; or we may have designated times in the meeting for residents to unmute themselves and ask questions. We’ll cover how these work at the beginning of the meeting.

Here’s some information on using this virtual system:

  • First, choose your device and:

    • interact via a computer (Desktop or Laptop) with a connected mic and camera

    • Interact via a mobile device (IPad, IPhone, Android) that includes built in camera and mic, using the “Blue Jeans” app

    • Interact via a standard telephone (dialing the number and following the voice prompts)

Below you will find connection information to use for the meeting, as well as helpful information on setting up your computer or mobile device in advance of the meeting.

If you choose to only dial into the meeting using a telephone, then no setup is required. 

Once it’s on your phone simply clicking the meeting hyperlink should automatically open the app and begin the steps to get you into the meeting.  Just follow the prompts.

If you have any problems or questions on connecting, please contact Phil Copley at 576-7959 or

Connection Information For Board Meeting is below: 

Step 1: If you’re using a mobile device, download “Blue Jeans” Video Conferencing App from Apple Store or Google Play.

Step 2: Whether using a mobile device or a computer, click on this Meeting Link:

Then just press the meeting link to login and follow the prompts.

Please note cameras and mics will automatically mute upon entry. Camera and mic buttons will appear at the bottom of the app.


Simply Dial the number below and follow the voice prompts

Phone Dial-in


Meeting ID: 792 524 5305 #

Participant ID: 6926 #

Test Call & Help Information:

If using the app on the mobile device and you wish to test it, feel free to make use of the test “meeting room” at any time. This will allow you to test your connection prior to the meeting time.

Once inside the test meeting space, you should see a parrot. It will repeat everything that you say. 

Test Call: 

At any time please visit and test your connection from your computer or mobile device. 

Quick Start Documentation:

Many thanks to Phil Copley for all his help in pulling this together for us!

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