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This message is from Sandee and Erik (302) who need your help!

Erik writes:

“On September 28 at 2.44pm our faithful mail lady delivered a small package sent from somewhere in China to Erik van Strien addressed correctly to condo 302. I know that now after visiting our post office with a tracking sheet obtained from the China post website. I realize I bring up a dated story, but since the package had to come from China I knew it would take some time. So this week I checked and found out the above delivery was made on September 28. I have never seen that package. The post office showed me proof from their computer records that the package was left “in the mailroom of 421 W Bute Street.

I have been fretting over this conundrum, and now come to you all with the question if mail collected and saved for someone that is or was till very recently not here, awaiting their return, is the reason why I never got it. I hope that maybe the package is residing in such a pile. I know chances are slim, but I thought that hope last eternal, so why not ask the question.”

If you have any information about this package please comment below (which will come to Stephanie, the sender of this Communique) and Stephanie will pass that info on to Sandee and Erik.

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