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Just wanted you all to know the garage project is completed, and just about everything on the punch list is done. We hope you are as pleased as we are with the results! It looks great--all fresh and clean!

Also, the board has decided not to have the garage floor “Zamboni” cleaned at this time to prevent any further disruption to our residents….and to instead use the money this year on more pressing projects around the Pilot House. Tony, from our cleaning service, will continue sweep and keep the garage clean.

My 3-year board member term expired at the board meeting this past Tuesday; Berri Pratt has been newly elected to the board (the other board members remain the same). Congratulations, Berri!

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to have served on the board and am pleased with all that the entire board has been able to accomplish. Thanks to everyone for all their patience with all the big projects over the last few years, including replacing the roof, upgrading our interior, and refurbishing the garage.

Stephanie Stringer

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