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Because of the coronavirus, the board has decided to again postpone our June 25 board meeting in hopes we can have an in-person meeting on July 23. This change has necessitated changing the dates for some of our other earlier posted meetings.

Here are the NEW dates for our regular Board Meetings @ 3 PM

· Thursday, July 23

· Thursday, September 10

· Thursday, November 19 

Annual Meeting has also changed from Oct 1 to:

· October 8 –more info on the location for this meeting to come. We may have to move from Chandler to accommodate social distancing.

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Miembro desconocido
21 jun 2020

How about if the meeting is simply held outside on the dock where we can all social distance? And post a rain-date if it rains.

Also, so that working people can attend, how about if the meeting is held at 5:30 or 6 when more people can attend?

Me gusta
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