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The new call boxes are installed and are ready to be used. Please note the vendor went by the Resident List (CLICK HERE). The list is sorted by (LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME).

The number programed into the system will be the Primary Phone Number if listed. If there is no primary phone listed, then the cell number will be used. If there are two people residing in the unit they will be listed separately using the same primary number, or cell number (separate cell numbers if identified on the listing). After 2 weeks, if unit residents/owners wish to make changes to this, please contact the property manager Robin Jopp, 757-486-6000,

Responding to a Visitors Call: 

When you answer a visitor’s call, talk to the visitor on your telephone and decide if you want to let them enter or not. There is a limited time (typically 1 minute) allowed for the call. During the last ten seconds allowed, beeps will sound to warn you of the limited time. You can press to extend the talking time.

Choose one of these two options on your telephone:

· Press to 9 unlock the door or open the gate, then hang up.

· Press to * disconnect the visitor without granting access, then hang up.

Entry Codes: 

Please note your entry code is the last 4-digits of the phone number listed on the resident list (CLICK HERE).  For Example 0000. It will also work with adding the * before the digits, but it's not necessary to use the * anymore.

The gate should open. If there are issues, please contact the property manager Robin Jopp, 757-486-6000,

Mobile Access:

Please note, if you are using the mobile app to access the property and building, all entry points are setup with the Auto Unlock feature. Please remember, your phone must be on, and while this feature does respond quickly to a user approaching the access point, it does not operate at lighting speed. We continue to make adjustments to this feature, but as we all know due to a high degree of radio interference in our region sometimes this plays into intermittent periods of disruption. Just know, as long as your phone is on your person, you can always press the reader with your body (hand, elbow, etc) and the unit will open the entry way (Gate, Door, etc). 

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Nov 29, 2019

Nice summary, Stephanie. I would also comment that your key always works too.

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