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A few weeks ago we sent a communique on how we can all work together to reduce our COVID-19 risks at the Pilot House. At the board meeting on Thursday, April 23, we continued to explore ways to further reduce our risks and are adding a couple more guidelines:

· We’re asking all residents to strongly consider wearing a mask when outside your unit and still in the building. Anyone of us could be an asymptomatic carrier and this protects not only any fellow residents you might run into, but also any workers who may be passing you in the building. You can help play a role to prevent the spread of this virus, so, when you get your mail, use the elevator or stairwell, or just walk down the hall to the trash chute, please consider wearing a mask.

· We’re still asking you to delay any elective projects requiring a contractor, but if you DO need essential work done, (plumbing emergencies, house sitter, dog walker, etc.), the board is asking you to please ask your worker to wear a mask in the common areas of the building. Once inside your unit, it’s up to you whether you want them to wear a mask.

While we’ve placed a sign on our front door asking delivery people to leave packages (including groceries) in the lobby rather than at your door, we’ll be adding that the Board of Directors is strongly suggesting they wear masks inside the building as well.

Tony Miller, from our cleaning service, is continuing to disinfect common areas 5 days a week.

As a reminder from our last message, we are still encouraging you to:

· Consider delaying any elective projects requiring contractors.

· Avoid directly touching common areas, including gate keypads, door handles, elevator buttons (inside and outside), carts and mailboxes.

· Consider disinfecting these areas as well.

· Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands!!

· Look out for our more vulnerable neighbors and for each other. Offer grocery runs, call them, etc.

This guidance is temporary, and will help reduce our exposure to this virus. We’ll keep these in place until we get guidance from the medical experts that we can relax these protections. Thanks for your cooperation and patience!

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