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Committee Folders | CAD Drawings

Good Day,

Given the good work each of the committee's are doing on behalf of the association, I have established committee folders for each committee. These folders are accessible from the Resident Document Page.

At the request of Suzanne Franklin, during the Annual Meeting in September. I have posted the scanned version of the building CAD Drawings on the secure document portion of the site within the covenants committee folder. Since the Website Committee had the opportunity to weigh in on this request, I wanted to get this posted as soon as I could. So, please take a look at the resident document area of the site (CLICK HERE), and feel free to view the Covenants Committee Folder and specifically the CAD Drawings of the building.

As items are posted, either myself or the respective committee chair will keep you informed on any updates.

Enjoy your Tuesday,

Phil WebMaster

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