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Carpet Replacement on Third Floor

We have a date from the Carpet vendor to remove the existing carpet on the Third Floor and replace it with new carpet. The color of the carpet is very similar to that of the other floors on 2, 4, 5, and 6. This effort will occur over a two day period, beginning next Tuesday, January 10 and completing the installation on Wednesday, January 11. The first day will largely be removal and prep for installation on the second day.

We apologize for this 2-day disruption and wholly expect that the new carpet will be an improvement.

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Unknown member
Jan 08, 2023

Thank you, Frank, that's a good suggestion. We will investigate storing for re-use, where possible.


Frank Lira
Frank Lira
Jan 07, 2023

Are you keeping undamaged carpet sections for future repairs?

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